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Eco Friendly Face Scrubbies

Tired of buying and tossing facial wipes? These reusable eco-friendly 100% cotton face pads are perfect for your daily face washing. Able to be used with any facewash or toner, these face scrubbers will exfoliate your skin leaving you to feel so fresh and so clean clean! Each round face scrubby is 4 inches wide, giving you plenty of pad surface to cleanse with. Easily slip your hand through the handle and wash away. Instead of tossing in the garbage, toss them into the washing machine! These cotton face pads are durable and maintain their softness after many washes. Face scrubbies that help make you look, feel good, save money and create less waste, what's not to love? 

Purchase includes 3 cotton face pads with handles, appox. 4 inches across (diameter). 



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