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Week two of Live Arts and Craft session

Wow!!! what a week! We went Live on Facebook last week and in seven days you lot have viewed it over 700 times!!! that could be an amazing 700 different households doing arts and crafts?! that is amazing!!! but to blow that out of the water, we went live again today and in 7 hours an amazing 350 of you creative artists have watched today session!!!

I am over the moon you are loving what I'm doing!!! if you want to see the sessions go to our arts and craft session page on this website, or our you tube page, or on Facebook - just search @pegcreations. I'm doing this to show you what I do day to day. I work in schools, events for councils and festivals around the UK and after this is all over I will still be doing online session, but i will be doing my main job too!! So basically if

you like what you see keep a eye out because when lock down is over a might be doing a session near you!!!

Don't forget our next session will be next Monday at 2pm! See you there!!

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