Well Hello, and welcome to our new Online Shop

So we started with Etsy... and you have all be telling us for quite a while to get our own website.... so Drum roll please................................... Tad Darrrrrr!


With just a few click you will be able to own a piece of Peg Creations for your self. We are trying to make it as Easy and quick as possible for you so if there is anything you are unsure of please give us a message!!! The main SHOP button is located at the very top of this page. So go on click on it and have a look for yourself!

Blogging along!

We do love a good Blog, so here at Peg Creations we are starting our new one. Right here and right now. Hello! My name is Nicola and Along side our Facebook blogging area, I will be posting on here too!!1 Double whammy!


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Just to let you know the shop on my website will be down for a week for maintenance!! So I won't be able to do any orders, all will be back up and running hopefully next Tuesday!