About Us

Our Ethos :  Peg Creations is committed to try and help the environment,  Choosing products to create and sell and stock by individual suppliers by shopping consciously based on the ethics and fair trade processes that ring true to us as a brand.


We try and achieve this by engaging with other likeminded stockists and wholesales that have similar core values as us. We have really started to engage and think about the way we produce our own product lines, as well as trying to use some local sourced materials and developing more sustainable options for consumers to purchase. We are constantly learning along the way and even if there isn't a fully eco friendly option we can use, we try and look for the best alternative available.  In 2020 we have started to made a big impact by changing all of our marketing and packaging material to recycled materials such as recycled card and paper bags.  We are constantly trying to review elements including materials we use, processes and ideas of how we can do better.   

As well as trying to make better choices, another aspect of our business that we feel very strongly about is spreading and developing creativity.  Nicola, the person behind the brand also provides a wide range of workshops that incorporates creativity and ecological awareness by using the 3 R's: reduce waste, reuse resources, and recycle materials where we can.  Over the two years she has delivered a wide range of workshops for groups to over 1000 participants a day.  We have been lucky enough to work along side company's such as Councils, Northshire, MIND, Vorkspower and many more.


​Nicola is currently developing “The PEG Project CIC”.  The Peg Project is committed to delivering Cost-consciousness, Creative Learning experiences to individuals.  Using art the help with self wellbeing, growing audiences for community arts initiatives and Offer work and professional development opportunities to local artists with be some of our core values. 

We love supporting local businesses and events so if you would like to collaborate with us or would like Peg Creations to be at your event please message us!  Also if you want to enquire Nicola delivering any workshops please get in touch.  

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