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Hello My name is Nicola and I am a artist that creates art and products using sustainable material. I also specialise in writing and delivering arts and craft workshops for all ages by using sustainable materials.  I am also in the process of developing 2021 arts and craft time table so keep you eyes pealed for that.  I am an accredited Arts Award Adviser for awarding body Trinity College London and can deliver the Arts Award programmes.  Previously I have lead some amazing workshops with organisations such as Stockton Borough Council on projects such as SIRF with their community carnival, SPARKLES when we made over 600 space rockets out of plastic bottles,  to workshops for the Festival of Thrift, In-house festival workshops for MIND Stockton and Middlesborough and specific tailored themed workshops for the amazing North Shire.


This year I have diversified and moved to working virtual by delivering more workshops for Stockton borough councils SIRF festival at home and also Yorkshire food and drink festival.  

If you would like me to be at your next event please get in touch by clicking the link below.


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