Nicola from Peg Creations specialise in creating and facilitating arts and craft workshops for all ages by using as much sustainable material as she can or finding a better alternative.  Nicola develops workshops to supports individuals to craft and create.  Nicolas workshops are designed to focus on the human factor and the need for creativity and exploration.  Human imagination is the heart of all development and plays an important role in shaping individuals in this world, especially in early years. Empowering human beings to create and to explore allows solving critical problems and It allows human beings to redefine their role beside technology. It enables organisations to innovate and stay competitive and helps to empower others leaders have to be able to understand the present, foster the mindset, unfold human potential and collaborate and innovate.

She is an accredited Arts Award Adviser for awarding body Trinity College London and can deliver the Arts Award programmes.  We have worked with some amazing North East based  organisations such as Councils on projects such as SIRF with their community carnival, SPARKLES when we made over 600 space rockets out of plastic bottles, to workshops for the Festival of Thrift, MIND Stockton and Middlesbrough and specific tailored themed workshops for the amazing North Shire and many more.


This year I have diversified and moved to working virtual by delivering more workshops for Stockton Borough Councils SIRF festival at home , Yorkshire food and drink festival as well as delivering our own lock down Virtual crafting club, and school holiday programmes. 


If you would like Peg Creations to be at your next event please get in touch by clicking the link below.

"We have been supported by PEG Creations to deliver a project and Nicola produced some excellent craft packs for us.  She went the extra mile for us and helped us to display the crafts that children had made.  I have really enjoyed working with Nicola, who is full of ideas and always happy and helpful."  Heugh Batty Museum

"Everyone really enjoyed the session, it was great working with you too, so thanks for that! We would love to have you back at some of our future sessions!" A Way Out