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Did you know we run workshops?  Peg Creations specialises in engaging workshops for all ages in many different creative activities by using as much eco friendly material as possible.

Would you like us to be at your next event? We can run a day’s workshop incorporating the national curriculum in your school or college? Would you like us to move away from the norm and create a fantastic display at your festival or create our magic in our own original workshops?! We can range from intense small group work to over 1500 participants within a day.

We can customise your workshop to suit your needs.  From creating handmade items to developing an existing project. For more information please contact us!

We are currently working with Stockon Borough Council on projects such as SIRF and SPARKLES, Festival of Thrift, North Shire and Many VW Festivals through out the UK.






Come to our next event!!!  All information is on